Trade Ideas vs MOMO

We would be naive to not compare MOMO to Trade Ideas with its long standing presence and large influencer network.

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Looking for stock screeners to uncover new trade opportunities? If so, you’re probably trying to see what options are available and how they compare, right? Well we put this page together to help you determine if MOMO Pro is the right fit for you. And... seeing how you may be a current Trade Ideas customer or evaluating it as an option, we have listed their features side by side to show how they compare.

Scroll down and you’ll find as many details as we can squeeze onto a single page to help you compare MOMO Pro vs Trade Ideas. We not only give you a straight-up feature comparison, but also customer experiences, pricing and performance.

Trade-ideas image Trade Ideas
Pricing MOMO: $17/mo. to MOMO Pro+: $37/mo with options for up to 25% Annual Savings Trade Ideas Standard: $118.00/mo. Premium: $228.00/mo.
Works on any Device without exception ✅ Yes ❌ No, Doesn't support mobile devices or Mac. Suggests installing VMware for Mac for an addtional $35/mo. See: How to use Trade Ideas on a Mac
Social Engagement ✅ Yes, iconic social media indicators and MOMO "Popular Stocks" section ❌ No
Market Meters ✅ Yes ❌ No
Integrated Realtime News ✅ Yes, released 1Q21, Fully integrated with contextual search and News indicators for Stream and Discovery. ❌ No, Maintains they are not a news service.
No updates required ✅ Yes, built as SaaS platform - updates added transparently every week. ❌ No, requires downloads and reconfiguration for Windows 10 only and requires Microsoft C++ runtime. Last update was 6+ months ago.
Fast ✅ Yes, Matches exchange tick performance on Stream and Alerts are shown in under 2 seconds. ❌ No, Users have reported that alerts can take as long as an hour to be delivered.
Modern design & technology ✅ Yes, Built using todays UI guidelines. Single common appearance. ❌ No, Disjointed interface with over 5 different hard to read styles.
Custom filter builder ✅ Yes ❌ No
Voice Notifications ✅ Yes, 5 AI-based lifelike neural voices assignable to multiple zones. ✅ Yes, Robotic voice only reports symbol on one scan.
Charts ❌ No, We believe we can't add additional value over the suberb charting found in Trading view and brokers. ✅ Yes, Basic but maintain they don't offer incremental value compared to modern charting.
"AI" ❌ No, We don't have any AI or ML (machine learning) currently. ✅ Yes (❌ Reality) Trade Ideas claims to have AI. Their technology and platform are so dated we can assure you they have not invested in real AI. Further their returns do not beat the market despite what they claim with a buy and hold strategy.
Community, Webinars and fee-based 1 on 1 Training ❌ No, We don't currently have these options. While useful, we feel MOMO is easy to get started quickly. We do have several Discord servers and our live support which Trade Ideas does not offer. ✅ Yes, Trade ideas provides ecosystem to help promote their service. As with any product, if a customer doesn't understand how to use they will likely discontinue service.
Breakout Streams ✅ Yes We provide both a realtime filtered Stream as well as option to stream dedicated list of up to 500 symbols ❌ No, Trade Ideas does not provide streaming data.
Easy to use sorting and filtering ✅ Yes ❌ No, Requires programmed filters, but can be built to fit unique needs
Real time alerts ✅ Yes, 5 different types (VWAP % change, HOD/LOD, %change, Halt, Unusual Volume) of alerts delivered to destkop and mobile devices ❌ No, Reports of alerts arriving 1 hour after trigger
Full extended hours ✅ Yes, Full extended support (4am EST to 7pm EST) ❌ No, Reports of Trade Ideas only supporting limted extended hours (7am EST to 7pm EST)
Extended hours Unusual Volume ✅ Yes, we built our unusual (aka relative) volume to support full extended hours. ❌ No, former TI users have shared unusual volume is only available during regular market hours.
Webhook API ✅ Yes, Easy to use integration for alerts. Connect with trading, messaging platforms (eg. SMS/email), or integration tools (Zapier/IFTTT). ❌ No
Multi-timeframe Money Flow ✅ Yes, Proprietary VWAP-derived Money Flow shows relative flows compared to other stocks and against prior timeframes. ❌ No Money Flow or equivalent.
Squeeze Scan ✅ Yes, Built proprietary, 3 phase multi-timeframe Squeeze scan which also works w/ our Uvol, float and other filters. ❌ No dedicated squeeze calculation. Only have linear data pre-defined screener scans which are percentage based and related to daily movment.

Why should I consider MOMO Pro over Trade Ideas?

If you’re looking for a platform that increasingly attempts to do everything and don’t mind cutting through the noise and complex experience to make it work for your trading needs, then Trade Ideas might be suitable for you.


But if performance, usability, and focus are important to you, keep reading. If you’re tired of wading through menus and navigating complex windows that you never use, we’ve got news for you: we are too!


Let’s be real here: Trade Ideas was a popular tool in its day (founded in ~2003), used and promoted by many people to help their trading. But if you’re a serious trader and you care about performance, usability, and profits as much as we do, you can probably do better - for less!

So what does MOMO Pro do better?

Let’s start by talking about what Trade Ideas does the same. One of the most loved features is that it’s provides pre-market scans. We both do them -- One big difference though, we do the entire pre-market (starting at 4am EST) when the runners often reveal themselves


The main difference is that MOMO is expressly focused on doing one thing really well: highlighting stocks with MOMENTUM - hence our name. We also have to fight back the urge to add every last feature for fear it will distract us from identifying stocks that are really moving.


With MOMO, everything revolves around showing stocks in play to help identify and make actionable decisions.

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"I've used many tools over the years and while I've been using TI, I knew I wanted something different. My focus has been on momentum and stumbled on MOMO. The first week I used it was a real joy and very fast, but it was not until the second week I started really profiting from the power of MOMO. It is exactly what I need and perfect for how I trade. Excited about where this will lead. Thank you Mometic. "

Michael Gascoigne, Professional Trader
Switched from Trade Ideas to MOMO Pro

MOMO Pro is a better value

We’ve built the best stock scanning service in the business, called MOMO Pro. It’s built the same way as Netflix - using latest software development practices in the cloud to deliver consistently fast streaming performance.


Regardless of our price savings - under $24/mo for MOMO Pro vs. $228/mo for Trade Ideas you also get incredible infrastructure and fantastic support, regardless of the MOMO plan you chose.


With MOMO Pro, the subcription structure is simplified into a single monthly payment. While we think we certainly can justify charging $100's a month, we don't have to since we are using latest infrastructure to keep costs low. Again think of Netflix pricing vs. DirecTV's or your cable provider's. Plus we are the new kid and just working on getting the word out.

"We're using MOMO Pro service to monitor the market for us. Works really well. It provides a clean and predictable experience and helps us act on breakouts that would otherwise require many screens. It is a powerful platform and because it supports the needs of so many situations it is an incredible value."

Lee Munroe, Murray Street Capital
Portfolio Advisor

tl;dr: The skinny

Cut to the chase? MOMO Pro is better for lean identification of breakouts on any device. Trade Ideas is better for "knob turners" who feel they can uncover the next 10 bagger with lots of data.

MOMO Pro is best if…

  1. You care about a well designed, intuitive interface
  2. Your trading strategy is based on breakouts and momentum
  3. Speed and performance are important to you
  4. You want to use any device

Consider Trade Ideas when…

  1. Price is not of concern
  2. Available training and workshops are useful
  3. You only use Windows desktop

"I've been a trader for over 8 years. Switching from Trade Ideas was at first something I didn't think I could do given all the time invested to learn it. But once I had enough and moved to MOMO I didn't look back. MOMO is truly a high-level stock screening tool and the minimalism and focus is incredibly refreshing."

Thomas Atwood, Private Trader
Switched from Trade Ideas to MOMO Pro

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