Introducing MOMO Flow

MOMO Flow is built for traders wanting to uncover unusual volume activity as fast as possible. MOMO Flow is available with MOMO Pro or MOMO Pro+ plans, but to let traders sample the capabilities we have created a trial process only requiring email registration.

MOMO Flow Volume Scanner Unlimited Free Trial No card needed - Flow Only View Plans
Modern Design

Fully responsive, smooth stream for tireless use

Incredible Performance

Z-score modelling with per-second anomoly detection

Simple and Adaptable

Designed to work instantly, settings allow min volume levels on timeframe and on the day

Uncover unusual volume moves in realtime

MOMO Flow was built for traders wanting better volume insights. Our per second data feed delivers the fastest way to find volume spikes. With our statistical analysis we are able to report volume anomalies before the close of the timeframe; giving traders a powerful edge over others whose alerts batch process on closing data. Available settings include: 1min or 5min timeframes, minimum volume per timeframe, minimum daily volume, and minimum price.

Frequently Asked Quesitons

  • Realtime Volume Scanner?

    That's right! We use 1min and 5min timeframes as historical benchmarks and then compare versus per second volume data to determine stocks with unsually high volume. It's incrediby fast and exceeds our expectations.

  • Which markets does this cover? Are NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC covered?

    Yes! Of course we cover the base US exchanges, but we are happy to announce this covers OTC and OTCPK.

  • How is MOMO Flow different from other MOMO Pro components?

    MOMO Flow is using our per-second stream data which is similar to MOMO Stream in performance, but is designed exclusively for volume. The implementation is also built to cater to professional traders who may have some overlap with other tools, but have interest in unusual volume spikes.

  • What else can you tell me about MOMO Flow?

    MOMO Flow is fully integrated with the MOMO Pro platform. However, it is built as part of our modular architecture which allows you to pop-out the component and resize to your placement needs. As with all our capabilities, MOMO Flow works for full market hours (100% of pre-market and after hours) starting at 4am EST.

  • How does the Free Trial work?

    We want to use MOMO Flow as a showcase capability so our trial is different. You may use every day with no expiration for up to 30 minutes a day - 100% free with no credit card required!

Included in MOMO Pro and Pro+ Plans

MOMO Flow is part of the MOMO Pro and Pro+ plans. At any time, you can upgrade for full access, providing 100% market coverage including pre- and post-market.

To learn more visit our MOMO Pro Plans page .