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MOMO is priced to deliver unquestionable value and near instant return on investment.


$10.99 /mo

  • MOMO Market Meters
  • Realtime High/Low Scanner
  • Custom Stream Upload
  • Unlimited High/Low Stock Alerts
  • Popular & Socially Trending Stocks
  • 52-Week Breakout Indicators
  • Alert History View
  • Full Trading Hours (4am-7pm EST)
  • Browser-based for all devices
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$23.99 /mo

  • Discovery Pro
  • Unlimited UVol, VWAP, %Change Alerts
  • Top Momentum Movers
  • Top Gainers by %
  • VWAP Deviation Percentage
  • Unusual Volume
  • Industry Filters
  • CSV Export
  • Fast symbol search
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Pro Semi

$96 /6 mo

Get 2 months free
  • All the same features of MOMO Pro Monthly, but discounted when purchased for 6 months.
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About our free trial: Our trial is intended to give you the confidence you need to determine if MOMO is the best tool for you to uncover winning trades. We 100% agree that a trial is important in an age where not everything is not how it appears and all the reviews and customer praise isn't the same as seeing for yourself.  However, our data is expensive to manage and operate so the trial is limited and we require a valid credit card as a layer of identification.  If you decide MOMO is not for you and you cancel prior to 3 days (72hrs), nothing will be processed. All plan and credit card updates are entitrely managed from the MOMO Pro Account page.  

We are honored that you are considering MOMO to help uncover breakouts.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.