Impeccable Timing and Knowledge Separate the Stock Trading Elite

With MOMO Pro, you get both. MOMO Pro is the only stock platform dedicated to scanning stock price momentum in real-time to discover and time breakouts for over 10,000 U.S. stocks. With MOMO you will never miss the opportunity to profit again.

What makes MOMO awesome?


Device Independence

Freedom to use MOMO to scan stocks and get alerts with one subscription across all devices and all platforms - desktops, phones, and tablets.


Unmatched Discovery Screener

MOMO Pro Discovery view is built to capture and track movement and has purpose-built filters to match. Unusual Vol, High/Low, Momentum, Float, Daily Gain, VWAP Deviation assure no opportunity is missed. *MOMO Pro only


Instant Stock Alerts

Customize push notifications to suit the situation. Set alerts for new High/Lows, Percent Change, VWAP delta, or for Unusual Volume activity across both regular and extended trading hours. *New in 2021* Now with instant trading halt and resume notifications.


High/Low Breakout Scanner

The MOMO High/Low Scanner gives a focused view on what's breaking out in real-time (under 50ms). The Stream indicates socially trending, option-able, 52-week breakouts along with multiple filters to tailor to your trading style. *New in 2021* Add an alternate stream based on your watchlist, SPACs, biotechs, shorts, or any group of symbols requiring dedicated focus.


Integrated News Stream

Improve decision making and trade execution by minutes with MOMO News stream. With one click, quickly scan any breakouts for related news and eliminate endless searches on stock sites for insight. High performance stream indexes news reports within 210ms from release from top 24 US news sources - now with live analyst upgrades/downgrades and earnings.

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MOMO market breakout scanner


If you have discovered MOMO, you have likely seen the wide array stock analysis studies and indicators available. However, there are few stock movements more meaningful and eventful than a stock making a new high or low as all eyes lock on the price and emotions are high.

Further, with recent "market exuberance" and reports of incredible profits; traders and investors are eager to uncover the next 10x or 100x stock to trade. If part of your strategy requires uncovering stock breakouts sooner than later, you should consider MOMO.

News alone isn't the answer

News is incredibly difficult to corroborate movement across all mediums and equally as challenging to find what's trustworthy and accurate. With over 10,000 securities in US alone, the best way to find meaningful breakouts is with a real-time scanner.

Neither are watchlists

Watchlists are ok for the handful of stocks -- you already know. But they are passive, hard to manage and easy to miss movement until it is too late. They also don't help you find the next Tesla (TSLA), Amazon (AMZN), Shopify (SHOP), Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) or even a Nio (NIO). And with the 100's of the new SPACs, it is impossible to keep track.

Is MOMO right for you?

For over 5 years, MOMO has been helping traders find their next winning trade. Complex studies and patterns may be good for some, but MOMO is purpose built for finding breakouts faster than anything on the market. We think MOMO is ideal for swing trades, but many use the pre-market capabilities to scan for scalps as well timing long term entries. We will leave it to you to decide - try our no-risk free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is MOMO Pro a downloaded app?

    MOMO Pro is our latest technology and is 100% online - nothing to download! All updates occur transparently to you and streaming is direct from the cloud to any browser. Once you sign up, you will automatically redirected to MOMO.

    The MOMO apps in the App Store and Google Play are our prior technology and a separate subscription.

  • Do you support extended hours?

    Yes, we support full pre-market and after hours sessions - starting at 4am EST. Note many other platforms only support partial pre-market sessions.

  • Can you tell me about MOMO pricing?

    You can use MOMO for less than 2 cups of coffee from that fancy shop down the corner. Check out our plans here.

  • Which forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept credit card payments only. In special (meaning rarely and with additional expense) situations, we do accept crypto, Paypal or personal checks. So if you are thinking - "I would love to be a lifetime member, how much would that cost?" Maybe we could make happen. If trying to use Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, etc. for a monthly fee, we don't have support for that at this time.

    If you are inspired to become a lifetime member it would need to clear and be verified first prior to gaining access. This could take a week or longer it is a manual process and we are pretty busy building and supporting Mometic.

  • Real-time is instantaneous. Can you clarify?

    Sure. Real-time is definitely misused in finance since it sounds better than "almost real-time". In any case, MOMO receives the feed in real-time, introduces less than 10-20ms of processing latency, then streams to your device. That said, in periods of heavy trading where hundreds of securities per minute are breaking out to new highs or lows, MOMO queues the data so it can be better viewed as opposed to streaming them in an illegible blur. This may introduce a few seconds of delay, but is still generally faster than most online real-time trading platforms, charting apps and watch lists.

  • What else can you share about MOMO?

    Stocks upward and downward movements are not constantly rising or falling to a meaningful degree. Stocks regularly enter holding patterns where they move "sideways" in a tight trading range with little volatility. Those active in the stock market want to identify those stocks that break out of this trend as quickly as possible.

    By focusing on stocks with momentum and ignoring others, you can keep a broader eye on the market. MOMO delivers instantaneous insight on stocks with momentum, so you can quickly find breakouts and determine whether or not to trade or invest before others.

    Still looking for more info? Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or StockTwits. You may also be interested in this MOMO review from another professional trader's perspective.

Refund Policy

I bought MOMO then changed my mind

We have a remarkably high retention rate, but for those times of indecision we offer a 5-day grace period from time of purchase where no charge is made. If you cancel within 5 days nothing is charged, after the 5 days you will be charged and we will not be able to issue a refund.


MOMO nor Mometic LLC make no recommendations whether to buy, sell or take any action based on the data we present. MOMO is intended for experienced traders and investors who realize trading can cause significant or catastrophic losses if not used properly. Mometic LLC, its employees, nor any of its affiliates take any responsibility for gains or losses realized from the use of MOMO.

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