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Last updated: February 10th, 2021

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Welcome to MOMO! MOMO was built to discover new stocks and uncover trades before the competition (other traders). MOMO Pro is our latest release to provide better visibility to stocks making meaningful moves. MOMO works by examining the price action on over 10,000 equities across Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX and then streaming the intraday breakout activity in real-time. Armed with this unique capability, you can quickly monitor and identify trading opportunities previously unaware to you.

MOMO is focused on delivering market action so you can profit. There are a host of other tools that provide charting and trade execution, but MOMO is purpose built on scanning the US markets to uncover your next winning trade.

The standard version of MOMO provides the familiar new high / new low capabilities found in the first version of MOMOweb but with a significantly improved user interface which keeps things more accessible whether you are on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

MOMO Pro takes trade discovery to the next level, by providing the Discovery view -- a sortable and filterable view that captures, scans, and favorites stocks which you are likely going to want to take action upon. The new sortable view enables you to now look at stocks making movement beyond higher highs or lower lows, but to also include those with total highest momentum, unusual volume, percent change of price, and VWAP dist.

We focused on keeping the experience as purposeful as the original, but updated to take the usability and functionality to the next level. MOMO is optimized it to be fully re-sizable to support a wide range of resolutions and devices - whether Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS.

Getting Started

If you have not signed up yet, you may do so at There are 3 available plans. Standard, Pro, and Pro Semi-Annual. Standard and Pro are billed monthly. Pro Semi-Annual offers a significant discount for a longer duration subscription. You can sign up from your phone, tablet, or desktop browser. If you do have a question, email us at or try our online chat.

How it Works

MOMO works by evaluating the entire US stock market in realtime to continually uncover the equities that are making moves. MOMO is only active during market and extended hours. You may still use MOMO outside of the hours, but the stream functionality will be idle as there are no new trades are taking place. Discovery is available for reference during market hours or when the market is closed.

Useful Tip:

MOMO provides full extended hours trade data from the beginning of pre-market at 4:00am ET until end of after-hours close at 6:30pm ET


Before we dive into the functionality, take a look at the layout. Within your browser these components will automatically resize and stack to fit your needs. MOMO Scanner Layout
Each of these 6 areas make up MOMO. If you do not purchase one of the MOMO Pro plans Discovery will not be displayed. You may upgrade at any time to receive this capability.

Useful Tip:

Everyone has different layout needs, screen resolution and device types. You can customize MOMO Pro 3 different ways to meet your needs.

  • Full screen expansion -- Both Stream and Discovery have optional full screen expansion options in the top right of their respective windows.
  • Toggling Menu -- By default all elements are enabled. Select or unselect to save space or remove items that are not needed.
  • Browser Zoom -- Many people don't realize but on OS X or PC you can adjust your browser font size with zoom. To zoom in or out with windows use ctrl + or -. With OS X use command + or -.

MOMO Standard Features

MOMO includes several features to help uncover and track stock discoveries. The following sections detail the functionality for each.

MOMO Meters

The MOMO Meters show a rolling market breadth over a 3 min period. Each row represents the current number of winners to losers for the Dow, Nasdaq, and SPY. How to use the MOMO Meters: Markets can change direction quickly and swings based on index percentage changes are slow to highlight this swing especially particularly since indexes are cap weighted.

MOMO Meter Stock Image

Located on the top of the MOMO screen, the MOMO Meters let you quickly identify market bias and flows.  On either side of the MOMO logo are three sets of gauges.  These gauges represent activity from top to bottom for the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500.  Specifically, the MOMO Meters are a visualization of those making new intraday highs vs. lows. For example, if the S&P 500 had a combined ten stocks making either a new high or low and 8 of them during the period were highs, the bottom MOMO Meter would be 80% green and 20% red.

Favorite Quotes

Uncover a stock and add to quotes to keep tabs on the movement. If you add as a favorite in Discovery MOMO will also include as a Quote.

Best Stock Quotes

Swipe or drag left or right to review all quotes that have been added. To remove a quote select the star. To add a quote, click on the "+" indicator in the lefthand window. H and L are daily high and low values.

The down arrow " " provides way to fully expand all quotes for quick reference as shown below. Tap the up arrow " " to collapse.

Expanded Stock Quotes
MOMO Stream View

The MOMO Stream scans for new highs and new lows in real time. The Stream is divided into two columns. The red column on the left-hand side shows new lows for the day and the right-hand green column shows new daily highs.

MOMO Stream includes a main stream and, when loaded, an alternate stream. The alternate stream is designed to provide dedicated focus on a uploaded set of stocks. Examples include a watchlist, SPACs list, emerging biotechs list, and high short % list. Both streams can be configured in Settings.

MOMO High-Low Stream View

Both the left and right columns in the data stream display the following data:

  • Symbol – Abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded equity.
  • Count - The number of times the particular symbol has reached a new intraday high or low.
  • Price – Real-time last traded value in USD.
  • Socially Trending - Indicates that the particular symbol has been recently trending on the stock platform Stocktwits. (e.g. AAPL in image above)
  • 52 Week High and Lows - 52 week events provides a powerful benchmark for breakout strength. MOMO visually highlights with solid green or red highlights behind the symbol.
  • Optionable- If enabled in settings, MOMO will identify stocks that support options with a small "o". The options settings also can completely remove stocks that do not support options with the "Filter" setting. (This setting is global and applies to Discovery as well.)

Useful Tip:

MOMO doesn’t differentiate whether the 52wk high/low is reached in normal trading hours or in extended hours, but will reset the 52 week value nightly based on what Nasdaq recognizes as the 52 week high or low. For example, if AAPL has a prior 52 week high of $178 and reaches $180.00 during premarket, MOMO will highlight that as a new 52 week high in the MOMO stream. But if during normal market hours AAPL only reaches $175 and, not a new 52week high, $178 will remain the 52 week high on record.

MOMO is built to help highlight stocks stand out. Popular simply presents stocks which other users are actively researching and engaging with. Click on any the listed symbols to open the action window to research or set an alert.

Popular Stocks
Alert History

Browser notifications are easy to miss and quickly disappear. Alert history solves this problem so you can review alerts as needed.

stock alert history

Within MOMO you may launch popular media sources to help find news and data supporting the price movement. Once selected, MOMO will launch a new browser tab for the desired news and stock symbol.

You may also use the menu to add as a Favorite or quickly add an alert.

MOMO News Quick Links


With your MOMO Pro subscription, you will have the Discovery feature enabled. Discovery provides a more comprehensive way of presenting data and the sortable fields uniquely highlight opportunities on their own merits. Search by stock, filter by industry or select your favorites to uncover notable movements on new stocks or keep close tabs on those you closely follow.

MOMO Pro Discovery View

Key Discovery Features

Discovery updates every 2 minutes to keep you up to date on the biggest movers. Use Discovery alone or along with the Stream view to keep an eye on all the market’s movement.

Most of the fields are sortable. This means you can order the columns from high to low in order to see either biggest gainers or losers in the market. Use the sortable fields in conjunction with the filters and search to sort a smaller subset of symbols.

  • Symbol - Typically not a sorted field, but if you search for a common symbol eg. “F”, you will return a lot of values, sort based on symbol.

  • Momentum - Calculated using count data from the MOMO Stream. A positive value is represents more new daily highs of the day vs new daily lows of the day. The ability for a stock to continue to break prior highs or lows is a powerful indicator as sellers stay on the sidelines and buyers still see opportunity despite the rising price. (Obviously the inverse if going down).

  • Float - Filterable element which lets you idenifty stocks which may rapidly rise or fall due to limited number of outstanding tradable shares.

  • VWAPDist - New function which actively scans the market based on percent distance from VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price). This allows you at any point to see which stocks are deviating most from this metric.

    About VWAP. VWAP is important because it provides traders with insight into both the trend and value of a security. VWAP is a common indicator and historically known as the point at which large funds accumulate or distribute their holdings as it was deemed the most representative price to value for the day. Algorithmic trading has certainly found more contemporary ways to accumulate or distribute, but the VWAPDist is still a great way to uncover stocks pulling away from volume-priced action.

  • Uvol - Our abbreviation for “unusual volume”. We look at volume in premarket, normal hours and extended hours and slice the day into 15 minute snapshots and compare those snapshots to past 30 trading days. If current volume rises abnormally, relative to the market, it will rise to the top.

    About Uvol. Our unusual volume implementation is unique and can highlight deviations independent of spikes in market open or lulls during lunch hour. Uvol may report peculiar percentages based on incomplete reporting on new stocks as well as thinly traded issues. Relatively unknown stocks getting interest during extended hours will rise to the top.

  • Actions - Provide options for adding symbol to list of Favorites or to add to set an alert

Discovery Filters

Refine the Discovery View to your needs with one of the available filtering methods. Where sorting toggles the direction of the data when clicking on column headings; filtering reduces the displayed data based on your criteria.

  • Industries - Choose to filter Discovery by Industry and view the performance of only the businesses in the chosen industry. To deselect and show all options, just select Industry again.

  • Custom Filters - Create and save your own filters based on select criteria. Custom Filters allow you to create temporary filters or saved filters. To save a filter, enter Filter Name and select "Save & Filter". For one-time queries, select "Add New", enter criteria and then select "Filter".

    Create Custom Discovery Filters

    Saved Filters are available from the Custom Filter drop down for quick reference.

    Saved Filters
  • Favorites - Any time you click the star to the right of a symbol, you will create a new Favorite. Similar to a watch list but easier to manage. At any time you may click the Favorites button to see the performance. Select again to return to the full view.

  • Search - Top right option within the Discovery window. Enter the selected symbol to find the stock performance. (works great when setting up Favorites).

Additional Discovery Features

  • Expanded View - Select this icon   expand view   on top right of Discovery to expand the Discovery window to full width and height of the browser. (This functionality is also available for the High/Low Stream view)

  • CSV Download - Tap the Discovery Pro icon to reveal the option to download the current view. The download is limited to 250 rows and the CSV will capture and export data based on filter settings.

  • Refresh Timer - The Discovery View refreshes every 3 minutes. The refresh indicator   expand view is located next to the Discovery Pro heading.

Useful Tip #1:

The VWAP represents a 24 hour rolling weighted average and means that the value is structured on recent data. You can use the VWAPdist% to get an understanding of whether current day traders are profitable or losing money (if long) and also to help gauge if the security is going to return to the volume-weighted mean. Many charting tools will plot the VWAP for you. What the VWAPdist% does is uniquely scans the market for those stocks starting to make moves after a relative period of low volatility.

Useful Tip #2:

Correlation between any of the fields is often likely, but it is in no ways mandatory due to the nature of a stock’s movements.


Uvol could be up 1000% and the stock could drop back to a 0% gain/loss for the day. May occur after positive speculation on earnings that don’t live up to expectations. Or heavy selling into buying keeps stock relatively flat.

Momentum may report +100 and VWAPdist% may be a negative value. Scenario - Early morning gains held steady through the day and profits were taken at the end of day.

Percent gain may show 10% but momentum may be nominal. Percent gain is a function comparing current price to prior day close. Momentum is based on the number of new highs to new lows. Both work together, but spreads and volatility won’t see these tightly aligned. Scenario - AAPL may have a momentum value of a 100 and a gain of only 1% as the spread is much tighter than a stock with lower volume. Additionally a stock with a large gap first trade will account for additional deviation.

Stock Alerts

You may set browser based desktop alerts to stay notified of specific breakouts with the Notification menu settings option. This is useful to help ensure you get instant notification of a stock’s movement.

There are 5 alert types you may set. Each will show in Alert History as well as in your operating system notification system.

  • Halt Alert - Halts provide fast notification into when a stock is halted. When enabled it will poll Nasdaq and report on all stocks which are halted with reason code (e.g. volatility, news pending)

  • High/Low Breakout Alert - Alert notifications are sent for every new high or low of the symbol. You may adjust the frequency of the alerts by adjusting the alert sensitivity (dollar based rate of change).

  • (Pro) Unusual Volume % Alert - Provides alerts based on volume relative to prior 30 days average. You may configure frequency of alerts based on percentage variance from average.

  • (Pro) VWAP Distance % Alert - Alerts based on symbol's current price percent variance from VWAP. (Start with a lower setting and adjust based on volatility)

  • (Pro) Price % Alert - Alert notifications based on a stock's percent change.

Note: All alerts are configured in settings


Within Settings (accessed from the menu in top right of dashboard) or from you can adjust the filters for the MOMO High/Low Stream as well as configure notifications.

Stream Settings

There are 5 available values which can be set for configuring the MOMO Stream. Please note: do not to allow the range sliders to cross over as this will disable the stream.

Price Filter

If there is a particular price range you wish to display, the price filter slider that can be set to accordingly. Keeping the slider set on the MIN and MAX will ensure you are receiving all available stocks and equities.

Price Filtering
Volume Filter

If you prefer to ignore low volume symbols or focus on higher volume stocks you can set the volume filter to accommodate. When the slider remains on the MIN and MAX values, no volume filtering is being applied. The average volume filter is based on 10-day moving daily average.

Avg Vol Filtering
Float Filter

The float filter provides optional way to focus on businesses based on outstanding shares. When used in conjunction with price you can refine scan businesses based on market cap.

Float Filtering
Industry Filter

Selectively removes particular stocks from the available industries to narrow your focus. The industry filters and the price filters may be simultaneously active. For example, you may set to only see symbols in the “Energy” industry with a price range $5 to $20 and average daily volume of greater than 100k shares.

Industry Filtering Menu
Custom Stream

Drag a CSV file of up to 500 symbols to create a custom MOMO stream. You may optionally add them manually with the "Add" button. To remove individual symbols select "Edit" or click the trash icon to delete the entire file. Symbols not recognized by MOMO will not be processed.

custom stream
Discovery Settings

Most of the options on Discovery are configurable on the dashboard, but display options are set in Settings. Display options can hide columns entirely and adjust ordering. To adjust order, drag columns to preferred order. These settings are useful for fitting desired data into mobile browsers

Display options

Discovery table order setting
Alert Settings

Each of the 5 types of alerts can enabled or configured under Notification settings.

Halt Setting

Enable to get notified when a stock is halted or resumes trading. This notifications happen within 1 min of Nasdaq issuance.

halt alert setting
High/Low Setting

Enable to get notified when a stock is halted or resumes trading. This notifications happen within 1 min of Nasdaq issuance.

high low stream setting
Unusual Volume %
Unusual Volume Setting
VWAP Distance %
VWAP Dist Setting
Price Change
Price Alert Setting

Account Management

MOMO provides a simple account management and registration function to review , upgrade, or cancel your subscription. You may also use to update your password or payment details. The account management functions are accessed via top right “hamburger” menu within the dashboard view.

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