How Does Your Momentum Stock Scanner Compare?

They said it couldn't be done. Settling would've been easy. We didn't listen. We wanted the same realtime scanning power that we had on our desktop on our phone. Trading is a two-part game: getting reliable information faster than the market at large and rapidly executing an action plan based upon that information. MOMO now provides this wherever you are — how swiftly you execute is up to you.

MOMO was never intended to compete with the traditional stock market scanner or screener. We love that you are comparing it to those heavy desktop apps, but we really designed MOMO to easily uncover stocks and track them "on the go" and incorporate into your watchlist and daily daily trading process — whether you used a scanner or not.

We've heard your suggestions and are working toward bringing more of the desktop options you are looking for in a mobile app, but we will always strive to be an easy to use "Stock Discovery" app versus an unwieldy, overly complex stock scanner/screener. If you have come here looking for a tool that has 500 different settings which require excessive daily effort and configuration, MOMO may not be for you.

To highlight what makes MOMO special, here is a quick comparison of MOMO versus the other guys.

MOMO vs. Desktop Stock Screeners

Capability MOMO Other "Screeners"
Sector Filtering Yes. We are similar to screeners/scanner here! Yes
Realtime Yes via a realtime stream Varies. Many by nature are lagging list views
Price Filters Yes Typically available in desktop screeners
52-Week Highs & Lows Yes Varies
Stock Alerts Yes. We simplified the process by resetting the breakout values daily - where others are cumbersome. Yes, but only popups in desktop application - not integrated with your mobile device (which is the only device you are guaranteed to have with you)
Pre-Market & After-Hours Yes Typically
StockTwits Yes, we think seeing stocks trending on social networks gives additional heads-up insight. No
Market Breadth MOMO Meters provide a realtime rolling Advance/Decline Line across indices. No
Push Notifications Yes. Both in-app and iOS push alerts with sensitivity adjustments No
Mobile Yes.  Purposeful, mobile-first design No, 90's era desktop design
Guarantee Sure - We don't want to take your money.  Contact for details. Good luck.
Available for iOS: Download for iOS on App Store n/a
Available for Android: Get it on Google Play for Android n/a
Pricing Free daily trial.  Available for $10.99/mo. to as low as $6.25/mo. for annual subscribers $89.00/mo. to as much as $195.00/mo.

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