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Realtime desktop stock application to find new US stock highs/lows, StockTwits, and tracking with alerts


Tuned For Desktop

Complements Any Setup

Scale and resize for all needs

Desktop Notifications

Set Alerts for Stocks of interest

Sticky Quotes

Reinvents the Watch-List

Alert History

Review Missed Notifications

Industry & Price Filters

Screen stocks relevant to you

52-week breakouts

REALTIME 52-week highs/lows

And Much More

MOMOweb brings the same powerful features of MOMO (and then some) into a browser to turbocharge your desktop into a realtime trading desk. MOMOweb is fully responsive and can be resized to fit however you need -- and as you may expect, MOMOweb works on mobile devices too.

Additional MOMOweb Features

MOMOweb uses the same DNA from the iOS and Android apps and adds a powerful new menu with features tailored for desktop users.

Sticky Quotes merge the best features of a watch-list with real-time quoting to help you keep a closer watch on stock of interest.
The Popular menu item provides insights into what other MOMOweb users are engaged with to help you uncover new opportunities.
Filter the MOMO by desired industry and price to tailor the high/low stream.
Set desktop notifications for new highs and lows and review alert history to track missed alerts.

Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to top MOMOweb functionality and plan questions.

How does MOMO work?

If you are not familiar with our apps, you may find visiting our home page will give you a higher level overview. But, in short, MOMO works by scanning the entire breadth of the US stock market and in real-time showing those stocks which are making new highs or new lows at any given point during market hours (including pre-market and after-hours).

Sounds great - how and why would I use MOMO? The media is only going to cover stocks that are widely held and going to attract the most views and clicks. And as diligent as you may think you are at keeping your finger on market pulse; with over 7000 listed stocks, ETFs, ETNs and funds in the US you are missing breakout opportunities every day only to learn about them after the huge move. With MOMO, you discover profitable opportunities as they happen.

MOMOweb (our browser version) includes new desktop-friendly features which further help you manage and stay alert to new discoveries. It also includes an innovative feature which lets you peek into MOMO to see which stocks others are engaging with to help you find potentially missed opportunities.

How is MOMOweb different than the MOMO apps?

We initially designed MOMO for phones and tablets, but quickly came to learn many of you wanted MOMO also on your desktop, so we built MOMOweb. MOMOweb is primarily designed for your desktop, but also streams to any browser-enabled device.

MOMOweb builds on the mobile apps by adding several features in a desktop-friendly layout. Additional features include; quotes, additional news services, alert history, and a popular stocks view. MOMOweb also includes desktop alert notifications which work similarly to the MOMO apps push notifications.

We are very excited about MOMOweb and particularly think the Popular stocks view will help you uncover new opportuntities by keeping tabs on the stocks others are actively tracking.

Why doesn't MOMOweb have [insert feature]?

MOMOweb 1.0 is just that, version 1.0. We’ve been working on it for months and as a small software developer, we need to get it out. There are things we already know we want to add and improve so remain patient - we will get there. If you have an idea you would like to share or found a bug, please contact us below.

Which browsers work with MOMOweb?

We built MOMOweb to be compatible with all the latest browsers, but we have focused MOMOweb compatibility testing on Safari and Chrome. Chrome is the market leader so that was an obvious requirement. You should note that if you use Safari, desktop notifications are tempermental and we are working to improve.

If you have Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer MOMOweb will work fine, but 100% compatibility is not our primary concern for version 1.0.

As we move forward, we look to make the browser experience seamless across desktop and mobile. You may already use MOMOweb on your mobile device, but it will be improved over time as the latest standards become embraced by Android and iOS.

How is MOMOweb priced?

MOMOweb is initially being offered with the same pricing as the mobile apps to give exisiting MOMO app users the opportunity to transition to MOMOweb and to help quickly fund our development efforts while building a solid customer base. We are calling this introductory rate our "founder pricing".

When we reach our founder subscription target, we will increase plan pricing an additional 50% (early adopter pricing), and then lastly MOMOweb will offered at our long term "retail pricing" at an additional 30-50% over early adopter pricing.

How does the day pass work? The day pass is our MOMOweb test drive and offers you access to MOMO on a daily basis before fully committing. While our regular plan prices are nominal, there are some of you who still want to sample a service before jumping in. Our day pass fills that need. However, it is just like our subscriptons and renews until you cancel. This means if you are the type to not be proactive in canceling your service the costs of the day pass can quickly exceed the normal plan rates. It’s our motivation to have you see the value of the regular plans, so be sure to manage your subscriptions accordingly.

If you decide to cancel service, you may do so at any time on your MOMOweb account page. You may only be grandfathered in founder or early adopter pricing if you are an active subscriber prior to any pricing change.

Where can I read how to use MOMOweb?

Here is the latest MOMOweb documentation. If you need additional assistance, please contact us below.

What else can you share about MOMO?

MOMO was built to purposeful and focused; devoid of unnecessary frills. We feel there are enough platforms that throw in the every last study and data point in order to make you feel the platform is complete. When designing systems to aid decision making, less is more and when it comes to making trading decisions nothing could be more true. All the crutches you feel necessary to make you a whole trader are playing on your cognitive biases - there is a line and study available to support every belief you want.

MOMO is built to show truth in price. If a stock is moving and continues to move, you can draw your own decisions, but at that point MOMO reports a symbol profits are being made or lost. This clarity and focus on early momentum has helped us and others trade profitably while eliminating the noise and stress of trying to invest after big runs. We think spending countless hours trying to form-fit studies in attempt to validate a stock's movement is best left for other guys.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to review other Mometic pages for more information.


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Just remember… While we believe timing and knowledge are critical for successful trades and engineered MOMO to deliver, we cannot guarantee your profits.

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